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Welcome to the icon journal for vixxykitty! This was formed after I closed my old icon journal of madebyheather. Using the community has made it a lot easier for me to organize things, as well as, showing my new stuff. Ever since I started making graphics, my style has changed and has been tweaked. I like learning new styles, new things from other very impressive artists, who I have found, become my inspiration.

The name addictedicons originated because of the Kelly Clarkson song, "Addicted". After her second album came out, I was hooked. Thus shows how the name came about. I'm addicted to making graphics. It's a great past time and I enjoy it...

As far as Icon wise, I have become more varied in selection. I used to do soaps mainly. madebyheather was full of All My Children icons, and in the end began more towards General Hospital. Here, I have continued that, but have also added a few more of my obsessions, such as, Broadway, musical artists, actors and actresses, etc.

Look out for them! And I'm glad you made it!
♥ Heather ♥

FRIENDS ONLY: From now on I'll be making the journal friends only. The newest 3 entries will show, however, you must friend the journal to see older entries. Thanks all! <3

Rules and Regulations

+ Comments are love. It really helps seeing what people like, and they are like peanut butter m&m's... fabulous.

+ Please credit in keywords. Don't credit on your info. There is a little box under where you upload your icons, its simple & easy, and brightens up my day. Credit either vixxykitty or addictedicons. Its GREATLY appreciated.

+ Please, please, PLEASE don't hotlink my icons. It takes away bandwidth and then I can't upload icons to my host. Just right click and save to your computer.

+ Don't pass these off as your own. I work hard on my icons, and it's not fair to me that you say they are your's. Its rude. Dont do it.

+ Please don't change the icons. I let you know if there are some bases you can alter. Even then, credit the base.

RULES ON REQUESTING: I do not do many requests. It seems that when I do, its crazy and I have to keep fixing things. Anyhoo, I do do requests for icons, no banners usually, unless you can somehow convince me... Iconwise however, have pictures you would like me to use, or give me free reign. Whatever you'd like. And if you want colors, text etc... let me know.

WARNING - It may take longer then expected. I do have a life after all, I'm in college, I'm working, I'm doing all these extracurriculars... just don't rush me, meaning don't ask at the last minute when you need it in a few days. Sometimes I don't have that creative vibe...


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Layout credited to faceon, which tweaking by moi.

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